The First user engagement PaaS to bring banking and day‑to‑day commerce into a single UX.

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Engage your Customers.

Avoid Deploying a Negative UX

Even the best designed banking apps sometimes fail to deliver a positive experience. Why? Because invariably customers discover they have less money than they hoped, or they use the app to pay bills. There's nothing rewarding or engaging about that!

Develop Brand Engagement in Your UX

Customers will engage with your brand more frequently, and for longer durations, if you provide both financial and non-financial functionality in your UI/UX. What does this mean? Day-to-day commerce consists of the simple transactions and social interactions that your customers perform on their mobile devices, but also on the web. By bringing this front and center in your UX approach, to your customer, your brand is enabling positive experiences, all the while delivering fundamental financial solutions.

Set and Exceed New Expectations

All financial institutions share a common objective - to increase customer lifetime value (LTV). The Waspit PaaS is designed to increase LTV by driving higher transaction velocities, higher transaction values, and a diversified revenue base, all while increasing your customers engaging with your brand.

Engage Customers - Deploy Waspit's PaaS

Waspit is the first enterprise grade engagement banking PaaS to seamlessly integrate banking and day‑to‑day commerce into a single UX. It operates side‑by‑side with your existing payment processors, and allows you to deploy customizable UI/UX to deliver modern solutions relevant to the emerging needs and lifestyle of your customers.

Engagement Like Never Before

Venue Tap

Empower your customers to make smart decisions on where to go, what to buy, and how much to spend. Leverage rich venue information to deliver aggregated discovery, discount and purchasing information from over 220 sources.


A full suite of Banking functionatility like never before. Customers gain rich understanding of their purchases inclusive of Transaction history, PFM, and peer to peer Transfers.


Help your Customers discover nearby events or create their own among friends. Linking events, venues and associated deals to your customers drives transactions, loyalty, and acquisitive growth.


Give your customers a way to keep track of items they would like to get, as a gift, as part of a savings goal, or simply sometime down the road. Customers can set a series of private or public registries within your app to do just that.


True Engagement Banking. Your customers are now empowered to interact with the actions that their friends have performed, this creating a sticky and compelling environment.


Privacy and control are essential, and we've taken that to heart. The Waspit PaaS promotes interaction while keeping confidential information secure.

Want to stay in the loop? We've got big news coming soon!

We are thrilled to say that we are on track to deliver end-user solutions to over 350,000 customers like yours by Summer 2014. Not bad considering we only gave the industry a sneak-peak of our PaaS for the first time at Money2020 in 2013!

The good news is that the Waspit PaaS will be officially unveiled in July, and we will have a more comprehensive website boasting specific features at that time. Before then though, we are actively engaging with Banks and other Financial Institutions who are looking to lead in the area of better customer engagement.

Keep us on your radar, or better still, speak to one of our team members to organize a brief platform demo and to see what it can do for your brand.

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