“SEO is a marketing function for sure,
but it needs to be baked into a product,
not slapped on like icing
after the cake is baked.”

Duane Forrester

Local Listings Tips

Local-listingsEach one of the above listings hyperlinks to a Google+ web page that is controlled by way of a Google My Company account. From the Search engines+ business page, customers can click on through to your web site. This may be a supplementary step for an individual to take to achieve your web site, but provided the prominence these listings receive above natural listings, it’s worth your time and effort to optimise your listing to get the best visibility.
If you have a listing already, observe the tips below recommended by local listing services. You may be passing up on valuable traffic from local search.
Complete Your Listing
This seems obvious however when you’re a busy business proprietor, it’s easy to complete the smallest amount details. Adding information like opening hours, contact and photos info may seem like fine details, but a far more complete listing provides better user experience, that is something Google always benefits.
Make it Clickable
Way too many businesses assume that having an inventory is enough to obtain traffic just. If your listing appears okay it may get yourself a few clicks, but why not ensure it is irresistible?
Julie Bacchini ranted concerning the fact that Search engines sometimes favours listings which are clicked more than those that tend to be more relevant (closer, for instance) that is a legitimate beef, but given this approach has been taken by that Google, you need to be doing all you can to pull the user’s vision to your listing.
The easiest method to do this would be to get those coveted 5 star Google reviews. Digital Advertising Works performed a report that recommended that not merely does Search engines use its reviews exclusively (omitting solutions like Yelp), but that evaluations are the most essential ranking element in local SEO.
There are a true amount of ways your organization can encourage online reviews. Email historic and current customers with a web link to your Search engines reviews page, supplying a discount or some type of incentive if necessary.
Don’t neglect offline strategies either - leave signs inside your reception or client services area and give away business-cards sized flyers directing clients/guests to your evaluations page. Local Visibility Program have developed an One-Page Handout so you can get easy Google evaluations from customers that is another good plan in principle.
Ask happy clients to indication into Gmail and keep you an assessment (I state Gmail because almost all non-marketers still know very well what this is. Inquire someone to sign to their Google account and several will let you know they don’t possess one, despite the fact that they have Gmail).
Categorise it Properly
Help Google assist you to. You can select several category so make the most - discover the most relevant and include them into your listing.
Don’t go mad - Search engines warns that you need to select the fewest amount of categories possible - simply ensure that if your organization has several area of concentrate you reflect this in the groups you select.
Optimise your Meta data
Another part of your onsite optimisation may be the meta data on your own website. Raise the relevance of one's content to the neighborhood part of the key phrase by like the town, county and region title in each name tag.
For example, an accommodation provider in Ambleside should ‘Ambleside’ have, ‘Cumbria’ and ‘Lake District’ within their name tags and meta descriptions, space permitting. Use research volume to prioritise conditions like ‘Lake District’ and ‘Cumbria’ in the event that you can’t squeeze both in.
Schema local markup
Schema community markup is another solution to alert Google to your neighborhood campaign. This universally approved markup language helps it be easier for se's to understand important info, such as for example location information.
Add a KML Document to your Site
Keyhole Markup Vocabulary is another solution to pass local information to find engines. If your site is made in WordPress, you may use the amazing Yoast nearby SEO plugin which may be configured to include a KML file.
Citation building
Search engines is understood to place lots of faith inside citations around the internet to gauge recognition but additionally to verify that the positioning info it has stored is correct. The more occasions your tackle is cited on the internet, the more Search engines trusts the data.
The best tool to get opportunities for local citations is Whitespark, which has a trial offer but at $20 monthly for the tiny business package, it’s worth keeping your hands on.
Link building
Good old link constructing. All the usual guidelines apply and your goal is to boost your authority in Google’s eye. For the best outcomes, develop links within content concerning the local area and make use of branded anchor text message with a local concentrate, e.g. ‘Smith’s Opticians in London’.
Help somebody find this guide
Do you know anyone who has a community business and may benefit from increased traffic from Google? Share this guide using them on social email or media them this link.

Thank You, Donald Trump

Thank you, Donald Trump. By amassing enough delegates to this summer’s Republican Convention to cause your only real competitor to drop out, you’ve changed American politics forever. For the better.   Unless you subscribe to the theory that business is politics, Answer Guy Central isn’t a place where we discuss politics terribly often. I’ll throw out […]

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VideoConferencing Gets Real with Chromebase

Ever found yourself thinking “it’s time videoconferencing gets real”? It just did.   The picture you see here is of a new Chrome-based computer from Google and Acer. The Chromebase 24 is an all-in-one, touch-enabled desk-or-wall-mountable computer that’s been optimized for videoconferencing. And that doesn’t mean what you think it does. Sure, the Chromebase 24 has […]

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Native Advertisements, Kim Kardashian, and the FTC

In 2009, The Federal Trade Commission created a rule that banned native advertisements without disclosure. We weighed in on the idea, saying that for $11,000,01 (the fine was $11,000) we’d post native advertisements for you, and a couple of months later followed up on the idea when it turned out that the lovely Kim Kardashian […]

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The Content Writing Series | How to write good content

Our four part series on Content Writing is now ready for your reading pleasure.  In this series we take you through from topic selection to adding interactive content:

How to choose topics

In this part of the series we look at where to get the all important ideas for what to publish...

One reason so many bloggers fail: Remember quality!

The biggest reason that we see blogs not make it, remember that if you're producing good content you may as well not produce content at all.

Keywords and LSI, what to consider when you're structuring your content

Here we take a look at keyword placement and how Google sees synonyms.

Getting interactive: Free resources to add to your posts to increase engagement

Here we look at some different ideas you can use to keep people reading your content.

This is a series of related posts from The SEO Concept, be sure to keep checking back for updates as we will continue to add relevant links to other posts to this page...

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How to get traffic from Facebook without buying ads | Why I gave Facebook pages a second chance

I don't really like Facebook, particularly for marketing purposes.  I used to love it, back when it was more of a level playing field and it was actually possible to get organic results.  These days it seems that the Social Media platform has moved way too far in the direction of supporting only those who give it money and not those who don't.  There is a clear argument in favor of the decision that Facebook has made to penalize pages that are not on their advertising platform.

Image courtesy of  atrzsamui at freedigitalphotos.net

The argument is not as clear cut as it seems

Or at least there is a clear argument on the surface.  There is also a pretty substantial argument against what they have done with their algorithmic changes and the penalties that they have put on pages that don't invest in their advertising services.  Of course all of this happened last year but the result, for me personally anyway, was to choose to pretty much ignore their services until they sorted it out.  I wasn't the only marketer that did this, as Copyblogger demonstrates in this post.  The Copyblogger decision wasn't entirely as a result of the changes that happened at Facebook but in their post they...

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Search Engine Marketing and Optimization in China | The Internet Censorship Series - Special report

Government filtering of the Internet in China is old news, the Chinese Government has long had a very proactive approach to limiting their citizen's access to information.  Often referred to as the "Great Firewall of China" the filter blocks a range of different sites that are hugely popular in other countries including but not limited to Facebook and Twitter.   In this article we take a look at what this means for SEO professionals who are trying to engage the Chinese market.

Image courtesy of seaskylab at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

The Chinese Government: It didn't happen!

China's approach to topics that upset Beijing's equilibrium has always been one of outright denial of access to information.  For those of us who remember Tiananmen Square for example, one of the first things that probably springs to mind is how the footage had to be bootlegged out from behind the Bamboo Curtain before it could be displayed by Western media outlets.  The Chinese Government took an extremely dim view of the media's portrayal of these events, as it does with the portrayal of the current situation in Tibet.

The return of Hong Kong and Macau and what it meant for policymakers

China has always been an...

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Scraping Facebook, LinkedIn and Yelp for Phone Numbers using Google | Mining cold calling data using search and social media

After the success of my post yesterday on how to scrape YouTube for local B2B sales leads I thought it might be a nice idea to give you some tips about how to leverage Google to build your database.  It is easy enough for people to say that these things are not directly related to SEO.

Image courtesy of pakron at Freedigitalphotos.net

As I see it, SEO is directly related to marketing and anyone engaged in SEO is a marketer.  Therefore (much as I did with this post) I'm going to use this post as an opportunity to look at some of the more extended but associated roles of an SEO within an organization.

Such as lead generation.  Personally I would not hire anyone involved in SEO unless they were also involved in other forms of marketing, I feel that people function better in more rounded roles rather than very specific ones.

On top of this, considering the recent round of high-quality-content focused Google updates, the SEO is not even a technical role anymore it is, as it rightly should be, a general marketing function.

Sales teams are always hungry for data, I have personally worked in data sourcing and lead generation in a broad range of industries.  I've data mined for SEO cold...

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Scraping YouTube | The best way to get local sales leads

One of the first rules of so called "Video SEO" is that, if you've got an offline business, you want to make sure not only that your calls to action are in place but also that your contact details are liberally sprinkled throughout your title, description and the video itself.  What this trend has inadvertently given people who want niche-targeted leads in a specific area is a very quick, simple and straightforward way to scrape YouTube for numbers.

It's not the fastest way to generate leads but they are extremely well qualified and you can get very, very specific when it comes to geo-targeting your lead generation efforts.  In this article we're going to take a look at how to scrape YouTube for leads and I'm going to give you a couple of different examples of why YouTube is such a great way to build up your database.

Image courtesy of winnond via freedigitalphotos.net

Scraping YouTube in this way is about quality, not volume

There are ways you can ninja this process by leveraging the YouTube API but I'm not going to go into them because I don't think that this particular application is what the API is intended for.  It also takes a bit of coding and this blog really isn't about...

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SEO in 2015 | What matters and what doesn't?

Search Engine Optimization is an aspect of marketing that comes equipped with constantly shifting goal posts.  For SEO in 2015 the goal posts have shifted again, but they've shifted in a good way. Many people have published content in 2014 that suggests that SEO itself is dying, that is just not correct.

What SEO is doing is changing, and it's changing for the better.  It may not be changing for the better for SEOs that want to kick back, chill out and build traffic using automated tools.  It certainly is changing for the better for Internet users who are no longer going to be bombarded by spam but rather be rewarded with accurate information and quality content that is actually exactly what they were looking for.

SEO isn't dead, it's just changed again.  Here are ten things you can do to make sure you don't end up getting slapped around by the major Search Engines in 2015:

If it's been said once, it's been said 1000 times

Content is king, but not just any content.  The content you write for search domination in 2015 has to be good content.  Yes it needs to be keyword optimized, but not keyword stuffed.  You need to write high quality content that people are actually going to want...

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Internet Marketing in Indonesia | What marketers need to know in 2015

Marketing to an Indonesian audience is very different from what marketers who are used to western markets may be used to.  While Indonesia is not generally perceived as a wealthy country it does have an extremely large population, a substantial number of very wealth people and a high level of proximity to wealthier countries such as Singapore, Australia and Malaysia.  This means that marketers have very good reasons to target the country.  Before diving into the Indonesian market though there are a few things that marketers need to not only become aware of but remain aware of.

Languages spoken in Indonesia

While Bahasa Indonesia (literally translated that means Language Indonesia) is the primary language, Indonesia is incredibly diverse.  There are over 700 living languages in Indonesia with each region being home to a number of them.  Bahasa Indonesia is spoken by the majority of the population but certain other languages, such as Javanese are also widely spoken.  Javanese is spoken by nearly 85 million people.  Depending on how you're doing your targeting and what you're selling this could be a very important piece of information to take on board.

It is extremely important to...

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Popular blogs, what's the secret?

Every blogger does it when they are starting out.  Looking at popular blogs and wondering how they got so popular and looking at their own statistics in Google Webmaster Tools and trying to work out why they are 5678th in the search results for their desired keywords.  Becoming a popular blogger doesn't happen overnight, it takes a lot of hard work and concentration.  There are a few tricks that you can use to become popular more quickly but there is really no magic bullet that will send you straight to the top of the blogging pops.

All of the top blogs have one thing in common, great content.  They chose their niche and they stuck to it.  I've been accused of straying from my own niche with posts like this and, while I see all of this as important blogging intelligence, to be fair I have been hurt a bit - is this going to hurt my chances of The SEO Concept becoming a popular blog?  Absolutely not, it already is.

The reason for posting things like that is because it is information I think that people may find useful.  The article above also got a page one ranking about four days after I wrote it for exactly the search terms I was targeting, I'll call that win regardless, even...

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5 Fantastic Quotes about Internet and Online Marketing | SEO & SEM Quotes

This is a list of some of my favorite quotes about traditional marketing and how we can apply them to SEO and SEM.  The reality is that the world of marketing and that of people hasn't changed all that much, all that has changed is the way that we deliver our message.  So here goes, 5 quotes about marketing and my interpretation of how they apply to the new frontier of social media and search engine marketing.

Image couresty of via David Castillo Dominici Freedigitalphotos.net

My reasons for posting this list will become clear when I post a breakdown in a couple of weeks.  In the meantime, here are 5 of the best online and internet marketing quotes for your viewing pleasure:

Use the tools at your disposal..

The aim of marketing is to know and understand the customer so well the product or service fits him and sells itself.
Peter Drucker - Tweet This 

How does this apply to online marketing?
It's pretty obvious really but the big advantage that we, as marketers have now is that we can use people's social signals to understand them even better.  We can even understand them by algorithm and do it in bulk, as many of the major social media platforms do extremely well!

It's still about...

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What is SEO | Search Engine Optimization explained

I wanted to take some time out from pushing lead generating tools, comparing web hosts and getting technical with SEO and instead look at what Search Engine Optimization is in layman's terms.  Why does SEO matter and, more importantly, why does it matter to your business.  This post is going to be relatively brief, very much to the point and hopefully once you've read it you will have a much stronger understanding of why it is that you should hire an SEO company and why search engine optimization is probably the most important part of your marketing strategy in 2015.

What is SEO?

SEO as I'm sure you know by now stands for Search Engine Optimization.  There's no magic about optimizing your website, it's a very simple thing to do but it is very time consuming.  It is the only way to get yourself to the top of the search engine results pages without spending money on Adsense or something similar.  If you are hoping that your website is going to actually produce organic leads then you should care about SEO.

Why you shouldn't try to do SEO yourself

Chances are, especially if you are a small business with a website that you're trying to get up the Google rankings, you're probably doing a...

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FatCow vs GoDaddy | Cheap web hosting companies compared

FatCow and GoDaddy are two hosting companies that most people who need hosting services are more than likely to come across in their search for the best value web hosting and domain registration services.  To be honest, their service offerings are both much of a muchness, but there are some key differences between GoDaddy and FatCow that you need to consider before making a final decision on the best web hosting service for your website.

Before we begin, a disclaimer.  One of Google's most important ranking factors is site load speed. As with any shared host you are going to have issues with this from both of these providers.  If load speed is seriously important to you then we suggest going with a dedicated server.  That said, shared hosting platforms are more than enough for most people and here is a breakdown of what we think about the two compared.

FatCow vs GoDaddy: Support
Advantage: FatCow

Over the years I've had quite a few clients hosted with both service providers.  Support is not an issue until you really need it and I've found myself on more than one occasion in need of support from both FatCow and GoDaddy.  

In my experience, GoDaddy responds more quickly but responses...

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Twitter followers: How to get 20-30 new targeted followers a day

Targeted Twitter followers can be hard to come by if you're not using the microblogging platform properly.  There are a couple of simple rules you can follow to make sure that you build a niche-specific, highly targeted Twitter network quickly.  One that actually drives you traffic and business and one that is not populated by "empty eggs".

First off, let's take a look at why you would want a substantial Twitter following.

What a large Twitter following brings your business

Twitter is the world's largest social network, that means that there is a huge potential audience for your products, promotions and marketing material.  Take a look at the below infographic (which we published back in 2014) for a few relevant metrics:

The great thing about followers on Twitter is that they are opt-in.  What does that mean?  It means that anyone who is following your account has chosen to do so.  Leads that are opt-in are far more likely to convert as long as you target your efforts properly when you're building your Twitter list (which I'm going to refer to as your Twist for the rest of this article, partly because I can and partly because it sounds cool).

The problem with most ways that quickly...

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Growing your Twitter followers by niche

Twitter is a great tool to spread the word about your business and there are plenty of people online who are prepared to "sell you" Twitter followers.  Here's the problem with buying followers on Twitter: They don't engage, most of them are bots and it is a total waste of time.  Twitter's rules prohibit bulk actions and a lot of services that offer bulk following of accounts by niche have now been stopped from accessing the Twitter API.  That said, following other people is not the only way to get followers on Twitter.

TargetGrow (formerly TargetPattern) is a fantastic tool that takes a very different approach to interacting with accounts on Twitter.  The service takes 5 keyword sets from you and then watches Twitter to return appropriate tweets that match those keywords.  Once it has returned the tweets to you you've got the option to favorite them.  The follow rate from this method of growing followers is about 10%.  If you favorite 100 tweets you'll usually get 8-12 new followers.  Here are a couple of tricks that we've used very effectively with TargetGrow to build Twitter accounts both for ourselves and our clients:

Three things you must do to get the most out of...

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6 Free Internet Marketing tools you should know about | SEO, SMM and SEM Tools

What are the best possible tools for monitoring your Search Engine Rankings, Social Signals and general Internet Marketing efforts?  Here is our list of 6 free tools you should know about and be using if you're involved in any sort of Internet Marketing.

Without further adieu here goes our must have list of 6 free Internet Marketing and website monitoring tools you need to know about:

The Trust Report

The Trust Report is a favorite of ours, it takes a very different approach.  Instead of an SEO score it gives your site an online trust score.  The score is based on your SEO and Social signals and it is presented in a series of easy to understand charts and graphs.  http://www.thetrustreport.com.

Quick Sprout 

Neil Patel is well known in SEO circles and his Quick Sprout tool is truly awesome.  With the ability to compare your performance with your competitors and some extremely in depth metrics we recommend every webmaster run it over their site. http://www.quicksprout.com.


If you're not using the free Moz tools to monitor your website you're missing out big time.  Moz is the go to place to check things like your domain and page authority, both are absolutely essential metrics if...

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Finding Long-Tail keywords the easy way

You can do all the onsite search engine optimization that you want and it won't make a lick of difference unless you're working with the right keywords or keyword sets.  Long-tail keywords are absolutely the way to go, the traffic is more targeted and there is generally less competition.  Finding long-tail keywords that you want to rank for doesn't have to be difficult, it doesn't require any specialist tools.  With this one simple trick you'll be all ready to roll with your long tails.  Before I start I am assuming that you've already done your basic keyword research, that you know what niche you're chasing and that you're looking for ways to rank your content faster.  Without further adieu, here is the quickest and simplest way to find long tail keywords without using any specialized tools.

Finding long-tail keywords using Google

Let's say you have or are working with an auto repair shop that specializes in Europeans, specifically Mercedes Benz vehicles.  The strategy you've got in place includes video, blog posts ad various other forms of content marketing.  To rank for Mercedes Benz Repair you're either going to need a magic wand or a huge advertising budget.  However, if you...

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SEO for WordPress, Drupal and Joomla

Just because you’re using WordPress or one of the other readily available open source content management systems for your website it doesn’t mean that you don’t have to be extremely proactive about your SEO.  In this article we’re going to take a look at some general things that apply to you if you’re using a CMS as well as some more specific things that you need to know about SEO if you’ve chosen WordPress as your hosting platform. 

SEO for content management systems

The three biggest content management systems are relatively well optimized for SEO out of the box.  Joomla, Drupal and WordPress between them are responsible for the content management of pretty much every major website you’re likely to visit that hasn’t developed a custom CMS.  The reasons for their uptake are basically that it makes it a whole lot easier to deploy a website if you don’t have to worry about coding the front end. 

Content Management Systems enable website owners to focus on the content of their websites without having to embark on a huge development job when they want to make major changes.  One of the biggest problems with content management systems SEO is that these systems are modular by design,...

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The Ultimate Guide To SEO in 2015, Video from Melbourne SEO

I've just finished watching an absolutely brilliant video which covers whole load of the big issues for SEO in 2015.   What you're about to watch is the right way to do SEO, the three simple things you need to come to terms with: Website, Content, Share.  It is also a very in depth look at optimizing for users and not search engines and why this is the best way to go.

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3 essential tips for using TargetGrow to build your Twitter following

If you haven't signed up for a free trial of TargetGrow (formerly TargetPattern) yet then you're missing out.  If you want several hundred new, targeted, real, organic Twitter followers by the end of the week then get there now and sign yourself up (yes that's an affiliate link but all we get is a free week, this post is about them because we love them and we think they're awesome).

Like any tool to grow your social media following there are a few things you can do to get the most out of your TargetGrow free trial that will make all the difference (you are highly encouraged to take a paid package if it works for you and if you do it right it will). 

1. Choosing your keywords
In the TargetGrow interface you're asked to select five sets of keywords to go after.  Apply some thinking to this before you just randomly slap some down.  What followers are you interested in?  Don't be too broad (marketing for instance) try to narrow it down if you're looking at a broad niche, you'll get much better results.

2. Don't just favorite everything on your list.
TargetGrow's interface is great and their system is really intuitive but make sure you read the tweets you're favoriting.  For starters...

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SEO For Real Estate Agencies: Real Estate SEO Tips

Real Estate Agencies have a hard time in Search, listings are transient so driving traffic and backlinks to them can be pretty pointless.  There are things that agencies can do to maximize their organic search engine reach though.  On the below list.ly list we've put together a few of our favorite online resources for Real Estate SEO.

SEO Tips for Real Estate Agents
View more lists from Damon Simms

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How to rank content without thinking about SEO

Once you stop trying to blackhat seo the search engines and start trying to actually work within their guidelines you'll notice a couple of extremely important things.  These things will not only apply to the way that you approach search but also the way that you approach communications in your life in general.

Far be it from me to suggest that Google's all encompassing approach at attempting to own all the information on the planet and decide how relevant it is (many could consider this dangerous, but that's another post) has an upside.

The reality is though, that it does.  In this post I'm going to approach SEO from a perspective that many people may not have looked at it from before.  I'm going to talk about how Google's ranking factors, and the never ending journey on trying to work within them, have improved my offline communication skills.

This is not a post where I'm going to go into hundreds of ranking factors and break down what you need to change about your writing in order to be producing more optimized content.  I'll leave that to the likes of Brian Dean.  The fact is that the 200 (or however many there are) ranking factors don't matter.  You should not be...

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Services like Traffup | Are they worth the risk?

Traffup, incase you're not aware, is a service where you follow, retweet, like and otherwise interact with other people's (almost always strangers) social accounts in return for points.  These points then go into an account which is debited when someone interacts with your social accounts.

The reason that services like Traffup are so tempting to newer users of certain platforms is that, before you get taken seriously on Twitter or Facebook (or many other platforms) you need to have a critical mass of followers or likes for your profile or your pages.  It's a chicken and egg situation, if you don't have the followers you won't get the followers.

Free Website Visitors

If loads of people don't like your page then it is going to take a whole lot of time to get people liking your page.  There is one serious problem with using services like Traffup, and that is that it's not really what social media is all about.  That said, what I'm going to do in this article is present a case where, for a marketer especially, such services are not only useful but the use of them is valid.

I'm going to use Traffup as an example because I've used it before, there are other services like Linkcollider but I'm just not a fan...

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Using HideMyAss with your Android Device to set up a LAN Proxy Server (with Screenshots)

HideMyAss is a brilliant tool for SEOS, not just for blackhat SEO (as proxies are so often used for) but also for general whitehat optimization.  Some of the reasons you may need a proxy for above board SEO activities include coming into your site from different geographic locations, accessing services that are geoblocked, using tools like ScrapeBox (watch out for our upcoming post on Using ScrapeBox for Whitehat SEO) for research as well as many others.

Two Browsers with Different IP Addresses on Ubuntu 14.10

By using HMA on your Android with a free proxy server app you are able to configure your computer to use different ip addresses in different browsers.  This is hugely useful if you spend a lot of time jumping between a proxied and a clear connection.

At a few dollars a month HideMyAss Premium VPN is an awesome tool that you can use to achieve whatever it is you want to achieve by masking your location or identity.  I use it constantly but I use a wide range of different devices on my network and it's kind of annoying having to set up the HideMyAss VPN Client on each and every one (especially as many of them run linux, the linux configuration is not quite as straightforward as Windows).  Fortunately there is an easy solution that...

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The Death and Rebirth of Blog Comments

A couple of years ago I found myself in a back-and-forth through LinkedIn with Brian Clark, the impresario at Copyblogger and a guy I once referred to as the smartest guy in business. Brian and I were talking about his decision to turn off comments at Copyblogger, and I said at the time that he was […]

This content, The Death and Rebirth of Blog Comments first appeared at Answer Guy Central: Grow Your Business.

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The Magic of Perspective

  The magic of perspective is … well, it’s magic. Nowhere is this more true than in geopolitics, or in content marketing. I was reminded of just how important this magic of perspective thing is a few weeks ago, when a friend of a friend posted this video about The Israeli/Palestinian Conflict on Facebook: It’s very simple, […]

This content, The Magic of Perspective first appeared at Answer Guy Central: Grow Your Business.

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5 Training Courses Every Serious Internet Marketer Should Invest In

SEO and Internet marketing are no different to any other skill that you use to make your living.  If you're not up to speed on all of the latest techniques, tricks and tools of the trade then you're not going to get very far.

You can go ahead and spend hours and hours of your own time trying to work it out without help and do a half assed job if you really want to but our suggestion is that you dig a little deep, stay home this Friday night and spent a couple of dollars on one of these awesome courses.

The 30 Day Sales Machine (Linkedin)

Linkedin is one power platform and it's incredibly easy to make money off of if you know what you're doing.  This course is one of the highest rated LinkedIn Mastery courses on the internet and it will completely revolutionize the way that you approach B2B social media marketing.

The Periscope Profit Machine (Periscope)

Twitter's periscope which allows live streaming through the microblogging site is the latest and greatest marketing tool in the social media toolbox.  Learning how to use this properly can bring in huge amount of money.

Make Money on Autopilot with Autoresponders (Email Marketing)

The money is in the list.  No matter what happens with...

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Your Content Marketing Sucks

Your Content Marketing Sucks.   The idea of what makes for great content marketing and who’s good at it is evolving at an incredible pace. How fast? The amount Search Engine Optimization’s value shifted over the course of about five years seems about equal to what’s happened in content marketing in the last year. And now our […]

This content, Your Content Marketing Sucks first appeared at Answer Guy Central: Grow Your Business.

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When You Are Too Fat

Sometimes, you’re just too fat.   There, I said it. And while both people of girth and the politically-correct might get all up in arms about it, the question of what happens when you are too fat is an important one to ask about. Maybe it’s unfair of me to speak about this, in the same […]

This content, When You Are Too Fat first appeared at Answer Guy Central: Grow Your Business.

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Adjusted Rhetoric (Trump Drumpf Edition)

  Rhetoric is a powerful thing. Just ask Donald Trump Drumpf. Adjusted rhetoric is even more so. OK, so in the case of Mr Trump, adjusted rhetoric goes only so far. He’s terrifying, and the fact that after TrumpDrumpf won a bunch of primaries during yesterday’s Super Tuesday festivities he sounded … like a bit less […]

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Social Media Content Parameters

Take a look at the so-dull-it-probably-shouldn’t-even-be-an-image here. It shows the portion of my Twitter account illustrating the content parameters that Twitter will follow—more or less—in deciding what I see, what my followers see, and when and how. Ready for something you should never need to think about, but do? Time for a quick chat on social media […]

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USPS Customer Service Nightmares

It may sound obvious, but customer service matters. Unfortunately, today I found out that at The United States Postal Service, customer service is a complete oxymoron.   Which might sound obvious too. The USPS has had more than its share of customer service issues for a long time, so the very idea of USPS Customer […]

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Curvy, Hilly, Dark and Truck-y (Doing Almost Everything Right)

Sometimes you’re rolling along doing almost everything right, and it’s good enough. Other times, doing almost everything right will get you dead. Like when the road you’re on is curvy, hilly, dark and truck-y … and rain starts falling.   This popped into my head a few days ago, while I was driving from Ohio to […]

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Is There Any Liking Donald Trump?

Is liking Donald Trump possible?   Silly question, right? Whether you’re one of them or not, it seems that many, many people like Donald Trump; liking Donald Trump is totally possible. Or at least it’s possible to be moved by Donald Trump to the point that you’d vote for him in a presidential election, or a primary or […]

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Why SEO is a waste of time | Stop ranking and start banking!

If you want to keep doing the same old stuff, the same old way and getting the same old results then stop reading.  If you're ready to do something different and actually make some money then you're in the right place!

We are about to show you how to get your product to market without a single cold call and without any SEO investment.  This if you're not interested in more money in for every dollar you spend on marketing then stop reading now!

Search Engine optimization is great, it can help you get to page one of Google or Bing (or Yandex or Baidu or whatever it is that you're targeting).  What do you do once you're there?  Is it really what you need to do in order to generate income.  Here are some questions that you need to ask yourself:

  1. Have you got a product that still requires interaction from salespeople or is it something (like an amazing ebook) that can just sell itself online with no interaction at all?  (HINT: If you don't you're probably wasting your time with investment in organic rankings).
  2. What do you actually want?  Page one rankings or to actually close some business and make some money?
  3. How many sales a week would you need to make to profit $100 a month? 

Take a...

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The 101 Best Email Subject Lines (!!!)

The 101 Best Email Subject Lines of 2015 are here. Unless they’re really the 101 best email subject lines of 2014 or the best email subject lines of all time. Or, of course, unless they’re crap. Having fun yet?   The folks at Digital Marketer helpfully dropped this post on the world just before going […]

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Airline Customer Service Fuzzy Logic

Customer Service is one of those things that lies right in between incredibly easy and near-impossible. Often, Airline Customer Service in particular seems like a complete oxymoron. But in a world of a gazillion transactions and ever-decreasing personalization, maybe that’s just the way airline customer service needs to be.   And, no, I don’t really […]

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Birmingham Alabama Customer Service? SOAP!

Rub-a-dub-dub, it’s Birmingham Alabama Customer Service in the tub.   There’s no joke about hotels, soap, or Birmingham Alabama here. I happen to be in Birmingham this week, and the soap in my hotel bathroom is as you see in the video; it’s a Neutrogena bath bar, with grippy little dots on one side. My […]

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… By And Large …

By and Large, you don’t need the item shown in the picture you see here. By in large, you don’t need anything.   But by and large in all cases, you’d better have some idea what you’re looking for and looking at before you start writing about something. This applies in marketing. It applies in […]

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The Death of the 140 Character Limit

The 140 Character Limit is Dead. Long Live The 140 Character Limit. Or Something. Emphasis on the or. And the something.   Yesterday, word started flying around the Internet that the Death of the 140 Character Limit is upon us. If you’ve ever used Twitter you know the 140 character limit, even if you don’t understand why it’s […]

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Marissa Mayer Has Your Money

Marissa Mayer has your money. And maybe you should care.   This piece is not a Marissa Mayer hatchet job. Ms. Mayer is as qualified to run Yahoo! as anyone—mostly because as time goes on it becomes more and more obvious that no-one is going to be saving Yahoo! from itself. The question is “why?”. […]

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The Importance of Saying What You Mean

Let’s talk about saying what you mean.   The idea might not seem to be terribly relevant to three large men rolling around on the ground, but had another large man not failed in the saying what you mean derby that took place just a few minutes before this picture was snapped there would have […]

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Do You Trust Angie’s List?

A couple of years ago we published this piece questioning whether Angie’s List co-founder and CEO Bill Oesterle’s authenticity could be trusted. It turns out, Bill Oesterle may have been the most authentic part of Angie’s List. Can You Trust Angie’s List?   The answer, as with so many things in Internetville, turns out to be […]

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Google’s Last Word on SEO

  By now, you’ve heard of Search Engine Optimization. While it was considered snake oil for a few years, even non-technical, non-marketing types have come to understand that SEO matters, even if they don’t know what that means. Even if they fall into the don’t-quite-believe-SEO-is-real camp. The Last Word on SEO Search Engine Optimization is […]

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Nadeau Furniture (and Customer Service)

Yesterday I broke a ceramic candlestick.   You’ve probably never seen that sentence before, certainly not on a page at a website about business process and customer service. And I’m hoping you’ll never see it again, because I suspect that the next time I do it I won’t be able to replace the item that […]

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Smartwatch Dumbwatch NFC

  Every now and again, something underscores just how important it is to keep up with business change. The folks at SWATCH are releasing a dumbwatch (dumb watch?) with one important (not important?) feature that bridges the business change/business process chasm in a way that … well, ultimately may not mean anything. We’re calling this […]

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WordPress Reality Field Distortion

  Earlier this week, I told you about changes coming to the website world, via WordPress Calypso. They’re big changes; game-changers, really, changing both your reality and WordPress Reality. This is not a subject of mere passing interest, of course. We’re about to launch our most ambitious project ever in The Website Helpers, and WordPress […]

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